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A Word From Mr. Vaughn . . .

When I was a small boy, our springer spaniels were bathed and groomed by our veterinarian. My memory is that they always looked and smelled so "furfresh" for the longest time!

Mr. Vaughn's Dog, Beau

In recent years, I purchased a "prize" yellow labrador puppy, "Beau," and began searching the market for a shampoo and conditioner that would serve that vivid memory. What I found was not what I remembered. So, with a background in chemistry, a love for the outdoors,  pets and nature, Vaughn's  FURFRESH ® product line was carefully developed.  I use only the highest quality ingredients in my products to ensure that your pet will give you a happy FURFRESH ®  memory.  I welcome your comments or suggestions and stand behind each of my products to your complete satisfaction.


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J. Spencer Vaughn

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FURFRESH ® dog shampoo formulas all contain a base of  40% pure Aloe Vera.  Aloe Vera is a natural anti-bacterial and healing agent, and is most helpful in keeping the pet's skin moist and supple. This high percentage is extremely effective for cleaning the fur and skin. Our Leave-In Fur Conditioner and Hot Spot Formula also contain Aloe Vera.


We GuaranteeAnimated Cat

In addition to a generous base of Aloe Vera,  FURFRESH ®  formulas have an abundance of botanicals balanced to produce "insured"and guaranteed results!

"Truly, we believe our formulas are THE "NEW STANDARD" FOR PET CARE!"