Breeder-Canadian Champions

I have been breeding, training and showing Labradors for over 14 years and to date I have 5 Canadian Champions with more on the way!  One of the major points in the judging process is a Labrador's coat.  I was introduced to the FURFRESH® product line some 8 years ago and have been able to maintain a healthy and natural look for my Canadian Champions.

The FURFRESH product line is really great and I would recommend it to anyone!

Tami Marks


End User Testimonials

Hello! I am the proud new owner of a beautiful/handsome yellow Labrador named 'Divot' and yes, I love to play golf! Two years ago I lost my dear Labrador, Judge. My groomer kept him sparkling and happy and he used a shampoo by the name of Furfresh. Believe me, I have not forgotten the name and now my groomer continues to use this wonderful shampoo and conditioner made by this company! I heartily re- commend this product to everyone. I have tried it myself. Furfresh smells good and works great! A wonderful product!

D. Lucian

Just a quick note of appreciation. My dog looks fantastic and from now on, Furfresh is the only product my groomer will use on my 'Ginger'! I cannot believe the difference in her coat (so soft and fluffy) and she smells great! She is an inside/outside dog and it's such a pleasure to have her inside my home! Thank you for an amazing product, Spencer Vaughn.

L. Giovannozzi

I had bought your 'Natural Mild Shampoo' for dogs and the leave in conditioner for dogs.  They work very well! I enjoy the products and I am glad that I bought them from you at the Klondike Days.

Thank you.

M. Bilodeau

Dear Furfresh,
Your shampoo is the very best! My dog's coat looks and feels so good after a Furfresh bath it's an unbelievable difference from other pet shampoos I have tried. Also, I like the outdoor smell your shampoo leaves. Please tell me how to order the Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray as my dog seems to develop hot spots in the summer time as does my neighbor's dog. Thanks again, for making such a wonderful product line.

T. Boonman


Groomer Testimonials

I started using Furfresh in my grooming salon some years ago and can tell the difference after grooming my client's. The fur and skin smell 'natural' much like the clean outdoors air! Their coat is super soft and their skin is very supple, like hydrated. Furfresh Spray-on Leave-In Conditioner is also a winner! It gives the fur a great smell without a perfumed finish and I recommend the conditioner to my clients to use between baths! It is my favorite because it is the best!




Dear Mr. Vaughn

I would like to applaud you for the work you have done on both the unique formulations and the quality of the FURFRESH Cat and Dog Grooming Line. It is a relief to me to be able to recommend products that are consistently effective and SAFE these days as opposed to the mediocre and sometimes unsafe products found on-line and in pet stores. I have had no allergies or problems of any kind with your products and find the HOT Spots particularly effective for various skin dermatitis problems.

Keep up the fine work.

Dr. Don Gregg DVM



Dear Spencer Vaughn,

Just a note of thanks for the many years (18) we have been distributing your products. The quality has been superb and the loyalty to FURFRESH by all my Groomer, Veterinarian and Dog Breeder clients has been outstanding, thanks to you! We have never had a product complaint and the results and sell through for everybody are always positive. I also like the fact that they reorder with fantastic confidence.

Thank you again for our long-term relationship and I am anxious to hear about any new products we could add to our business and that of our customers.


Tom Walton
Walton Pet Supplies